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Blasting Nozzles
For regulating the flow, these Blasting Nozzles Holders are widely demanded. These are placed at the exit or entrance in the pipe of plumbing, crops irrigation, and parks.
Airless Paint Sprayer
These Aireless Paint Sprayers offer a uniform coating at various surfaces. Without the wasting of paint, these devices provide a desirable amount of paint coating.
Blasting Machines
These Blasting Machines are appropriate for cleaning the machine without damaging the strength of its material of construction. With high as well as effective technology, these machines are widely used in the metal industry.
Industrial Valves
Industrial Valves are the main heart of all types of plumbing. These can be single directional, multi directional and so on. These devices are used to regulate the flow of liquid in terms of various dimensions.
Blasting Abrasives
The Blasting Abrasive is a method to make the rough surface smooth and clean the impurities. The ores of granite, copper slag abrasive, steel grit and shots abrasive etc. suit all type of blasting process. Most of these are single use abrasive and are economical in nature.
Safety Equipments
Now safeguard your employees and workers who work under harmful conditions related to chemicals etc, with our complete range of safety equipments. Choose from an all-inclusive kit to single safety items, as per your requirements.
Inspection Instruments
These Inspection Instruments offer precise information in the standard unit. The fully automatic devices are light weight, portable, compactly designed. These are mainly used by manufacturing companies and quality assurance organizations.
Industrial Couplings
These couplings are used to connect end of the two adjacent objects and parts. As, Metal coupling have very wide use, we offer these in a wide range to suit every requirement. We offer these products in plastic and stainless steel material.
Industrial Hoses
We are manufacturing and offering various types of Industrial hoses which have a circular cross section and a cylindrical shape. These are flexible and hence are different from pipes on this parameter. Hoses are also called flexible hollow tubes.
Air Receiver
Air Receivers are tanks or vessels which accumulate compressed air before enters into the pipes or equipment. The prime function of these equipment is to unload the pressure caused by the changing demand.
Air Cooled Aftercooler
Air Cooled Aftercooler is popularly known as intercooler. The main function of this device is to cool the fluids, gases and liquid. These devices increase intake air density effectively.

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